Process Improvement

By far the most important thing to do in any business, you are never to small and typically it is the show stopper when your business starts to expand.

Either now or later as you expand, your customers will start to insist on accreditations to be able to supply products and services to them. Accreditations are based on processes so without them you are in trouble. You will then get a consultant in or maybe have a go at it yourself just to get through the accreditation and you will probably succeed. However the accrediation will do nothing for the business except add cost, you will hand the ownership to someone you think has time and it will not drive the business forward.

Spend the time and money in getting the processes to add value, measure them and review them so you can see what your business is doing and if you are achieveing your objectives. You will therefore make profit and keep your customers happy.

We can process map, value stream map and help you to make more money by showing this on your bottom line. We are hands-on and engage with employees to make this happen.