Cost downs

If your business is losing businesses or not winning quotes and you think it is down to price you can engage us in one off cost downs. There are different approaches dependant on your knowledge of the problem.

  1. You pin point the area or job where you want a cost down and we analyse it using process mapping. We with your assisitance highlight the areas for improvement and the time savings. We re-write the process with the improvements involved and forecast the saving.
  2. As above and we implement the savings
  3. If you don't know the areas you could save money we spend a day with you to understand your business and highlight the areas where money can be saved and then start at No. 1

Supplier cost downs.

If your issues are within your supply base we can carry out the same process but at your suppliers.

We either charge daily rates or a percentage of the saving.

Typically a minimum of 30% labour savingsĀ are achievable. We can back this up with references.