Look at the entire business for savings

Our take on business improvements is saving money.

Bad aproach;

  • Stop overtime without calculating the benefit
  • Cutting reasonable benefits & expenses
  • Freezing pay rises without thought
  • Not recruiting when you need to

Good approach;

  • Process map the entire business
  • Set up meaningful measures
  • Analyse the measure to find the worst performing areas of the business
  • Problem solve the poor trends for the area
  • Improve the poor performing areas
  • Measure the financial benefits

By solving the issues in the poor performing areas you will by default save money and increase performance.


  • Decrease rectification of errors = Less labour & increased on time delivery
  • Increase quality performance = Less recification, less labourĀ and happier customers
  • Happier customers = More customers
  • More customers & less rectification = Higher turnover & more profit